Dhwani Academy creates confident singers

Born out of a belief that music is a divine gift which we must nourish as well as share with everyone, the Academy teaches according to individuals' needs and desired outcomes, whether that be taking lessons as a recreational activity, preparing for music contests or becoming a professional musician.

Charged with raising the bar in the world of musical education and setting new bench marks, the Academy Team will stop at nothing to provide and achieve excellence. Expect great things from the knowledgeable, inspired and musical bunch who are driving their remarkable ethos forward.



Enrolling in Courses SINGING STARS Level - 1

The "Singing Stars" Workshop is a 3 day course, with new sessions starting every month, throughout the year. At present, the workshop is a classroom program and once enrolled, students receive an email with details of materials and information they need to get started.

  • Learning voice maintenance exercises & techniques
  • Identifying one's Practice Scale and Voice Range
  • Achieving the ability to reach higher and lower notes with ease
  • Learning to use the voice to its full potential
  • Better control of voice
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Mic Handling Techniques
  • Improving projection of voice
  • Bringing expression and modulation to the voice
  • Stagecraft
Learning Outcomes

After completion of this course, student will be able to learn to sing more confidently with the following results:

  • Sing in proper pitch
  • Better control over voice
  • Ability to Modulate voice
  • Achieving the ability to reach lower and higher notes with equal ease
  • Preventing vocal damages
  • Increase the range of voice
  • Improve the throw of voice
  • Improve clarity of singing
  • Prevent shivering / shaking of voice
  • Learn to sing confidently in front of audience
Course Structure

Duration: 3 Days, 2 hours per session per day

Rs. 5175/- (inclusive of Service Tax) for 18 years and above

Rs. 4025/-(inclusive of Service Tax) for 10 years to 18 years


Nov 13 '16 - Nov 13 '16

London City

* All major credit and debit cards are accepted. We also accept payments by Internet Banking. Dhwani Academy does not store any Credit/Debit card details. Our trusted payment gateways use SSL encryption technology to protect your card information.

We nurture many a young singers through:
Inspired and passionate teaching of Dhwani's most sought after singers.
Experience from a musical journey over the last 14 years covering over 1500+ live shows and numerous recordings.
Encouraging an all-encompassing experience of music.



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